Onward’s Cruise Journal 2019

Updated: 3 May 2019

Onward is back in the Chesapeake from the Bahamas…

May 2019

1 May 2019; Wednesday; Solomons to Annapolis

  • We departed just before sunrise. I heard from my ophthalmologist that they had an appointment for me at 1515. It was another overcast day and chilly as we motorsailed N. We picked up a mooring in Annapolis Harbor at 1400 and soon were Ubering to my appointment.
  • For the last few months I have had double vision in my left eye which goes away when I squint. A bit of an annoyance but I adjusted to it.

2 May 2019; Thursday; Annapolis to Mill Creek
  • We departed the mooring at 1300 and headed over to Mill Creek so we could say hello to Dick Tudan and Ed Burke tomorrow. Once anchored, I fell deeply asleep in the cockpit. I guess being back on the US East Coast wears me out. A very sever squall line came through at about 1700 with torrential rains and strong winds.
  • In the quiet aftermath, we played backgammon and I won two more games in a row. This makes at least 5 games I've won in a row. Could it be I've broken through Peggy's unnatural ability to control the dice???

3 May 2019; Friday; Mill Creek to Baltimore
  • A heavy rain squall came through during the night. I was aware — but decided I didn't need to wake to check things out.
  • We made our flight and room reservations for the trip to the West Coast. Then I weighed anchor and headed up creek to re-anchor by Dick Tudan's house. It was very sad to come upon Comfortably Numb at its berth which brought back the tragic death of Larry Cohen. I could still feel the force of his jovial personality as we passed.
  • Ed Burke was aboard Merlin so I fetched him with Venture and we got to visit aboard Onward for a while. I stopped by to say hello to Dick Tudan — but he was out on an errand.
  • At 1300 we weighed anchor as soon as we found out the Anchorage Marina had a slip available for us in spite of their reconstruction program.

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