Template for Markdown Bulleted Lists & Other website tasks

Use "#" character to indicate a heading from 1 to 6 levels

Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

Template Heading L4

Template Heading L5
  • L1; a "-" and a space flag the beginning of a bullet item
    • L3; a tab and a "-" and a space flag the beginning of a 2nd level indent
      • L5; multiple tabs may be used for levels 3 to 5
        • L6
          • L7
            • L8

Bold Text

Put two asterix before and after text to be Bold

Text Color

Change text color to Blue

Line Breaks

To create a line break, end a line with two or more spaces, and then type return.
Also creates a line break

To create a link, enclose the link text in brackets (e.g., [Dockwa]) and then follow it immediately with the URL in parentheses (e.g., (http://www.dockwa.com)).


URLs and Email Addresses

To quickly turn a URL or email address into a link, enclose it in angle brackets (< >). cruise@corinthianscruise.org

Escaping Characters

To display a literal character that would otherwise be used to format text in a Markdown document, add a backslash (\) in front of the character.

* Without the backslash, this would be a bullet in an unordered list.

Insert Photos:

Command line for insertion of a photo using Markdown

Stained Glass Fish
Stained Glass Fish

The Rapidweaver image source macro will also work.

To use:
1 Cut and paste a working macro.
2 Edit macro by typing in changes. Note: Do Not Cut and Paste into Macro!!!
3. A line for a caption can be added.

Stained Glass Fish